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Welcome To Roka Garden International

ROKA is an international company which is aimed at bringing African products on the European market with fair trade. Currently we operate in Uganda and Iceland where we have our main offices but with a target of spreading in different countries on the African and European continent. Our desire is to show the world the African culture, through the different services we are offering as ROKA. Our focus is on agricultural products (COFFEE) among others. We began our journey way back, but in 2020 we started to manifest our ideas of how we can bring Africa on the European market.

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Roka Garden Vision


To be every ones choice in fulfilling customer needs by achieving their levels of satisfaction.

Roka Garden Mission


To deliver the best products and services to our customers. ROKA believes in quality by providing high performance products and services to meet our global customer needs. We strive hard to satisfy our clients. The key guidelines which are our actions are Professionalism,our Customer and Quality focus.

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